Let’s not forget to also look at the first 100 days of Trump’s core team

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Donald Trump will have his 100th day in office on Saturday, April 29. The day is used historically as a big indicator of what’s to come in an administration.

The public will be exposed to loads of information comparing Trump to past presidents, and data about his actions in office thus far. But, the administration is more than the POTUS. How has the rest of Trump’s team spent the first 100 days of the administration?

The information is all there if you know where to look. Unfortunately, I do not. I have no idea where to find this info. Please take a look at what I’ve gathered below anyway.

Secretary Ben Carson

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Secretary Carson’s time at the helm of the Housing and Urban Development department has thus far been marred by the fact that he is still working 9-5 at a hospital as a brain surgeon. Carson apparently forgot to tell the hospital he got a new job and at this point it has been too long and would be awkward. He has been getting two hours of sleep a night for 100 straight days and he drinks 16 cups of coffee a day. According to Carson, the hospital will receive his two weeks notice once "things start to settle down there."

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon

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Bannon’s first 100 days have mostly been spent outside of the White House, in that big hole by the lake where he lives. Locals call him "Lake Devil" and he does that thing certain spiders do where they hide underground with just one arm sticking out like it’s a worm or a caterpillar and then when something comes to investigate they leap out and eat them. In terms of governing, though, he has also been bad.

Secretary Rex Tillerson

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Rex Tillerson’s first 100 days have been dominated by his attempts to create a "Jaeger Program" — named after and exactly the same as the program from 2013’s Pacific Rim, in which Jaegers are large robots merged with human minds and used to fight off the colossal Kaiju (monsters emerging from a portal in the ocean hellbent on destroying earth). Tillerson watched the film on a plane while he flew to Germany during his first foreign trip as Secretary of State. He told the president about it and was immediately brought home to develop the program.

Secretary Betsy Devos

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Secretary Devos has not been seen since she was confirmed on February 7. According to the administration, she is somewhere in the Acadian Forest region, hunting large predators to extinction in order to "improve the lives of K-12 public school children in the U.S."

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

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Sean Spicer’s first 100 days have gone very badly.

White House Innovations Director Jared Kushner

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Jared Kushner has been hiding in a clothing rack inside of a Brooks Brothers in Washington D.C. for 100 days. Everyone knows that he is there and they plead with him to come out and he keeps saying "Jared isn’t in here."

Secretary Sonny Perdue

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Who the hell is this guy? Nobody knows. He goes to every meeting.

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